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A Master Storyteller

"Debra Shiveley Welch is a master storyteller.  I find her writing to be very much on the order

of what is considered, in old terms, a true storyteller, one that takes the nucleus and expands

 it to take on all the senses -- I can see what she sees, hear what she hears,

smell and taste what she smells and tastes. Most importantly, though, I feel what she feels."


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Adoption - Special Needs Adoption - "The Secret" and Son of My Soul

Thinking "Inside the Box" - Native American Culture and Cedar Woman

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Interview with Rob Thrasher

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Interview With Julie Spotted Eagle Horse Martineau - Cedar Woman


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A Percentage of Royalties are Donated to Operation Smile

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Spirit Woman

Sequal to Cedar Woman, follow Nickie (Ista Numpa) as she searches for love and fulfillment.


Christopher's Family Table - Inheriting Family Recipes & Traditions From Adopted

Kin & Clan

Adoption comes in many forms.  We marry and adopt our spouse's family and they adopt us. 

We make special friends and adopt them into our lives.  We adopt through husband to wife, parent to child, and friend to friend.

In Christopher's Family Table - Inheriting Family Recipes & Traditions From Adopted Kin & Clan

we celebrate the coming together to celebrate and remember our heritage through a collection of recipes of family and friends adopted through love.


Heads Are Gonna Roll


This compelling mystery combines reincarnation, revenge and murder







Aibhlinn has come to Lena in her dreams, her red hair billowing in a violent wind,

pleading for the protection of her child.

Mikha’el, Rosalie’s spirit guide and Whisper, has warned of impending danger.

Nickie has finally found her true love, but does he hide a secret?




Winner of Best Native American Fiction 2011

#1 Best Seller on Amazon

About the Author

When Tankse (elder sister) approached me about writing a novel from a Native American woman's point of view, I had serious reservations. Too often we, as Native people, are romanticized or stereotyped into the same tired versions of what people think we are, the "forgotten people" or "forgotten race", because so many fall for the stereotypes of us often portrayed in Hollywood movies, sports team mascots, and history books, not realizing that we are still here. We are over 500 culturally and linguistically distinct nations strong. We are still here - and still dancing.

So when asked if I was okay with her writing the book, and if I would act as a consultant, I had to pray to decide if such a project should go forward and if I felt worthy of adding my voice to such a project. Finally I talked over my fears with Debra, my brother and "Spiritual Advisor" Joe Red Bear, ultimately deciding to participate.

In Cedar Woman, Debra has bypassed a lot of the usual hype and BS often associated with Native culture, producing an honest, clear eyed look at who we really are, albeit through a fictional character. She deliberately decided to not show the darker side of our culture: something I appreciate!

I especially love how thorough she was in researching the subject matter, and I deeply admire her dedication to giving a more realistic look into our culture, including much of our Lakota language and several of our favorite recipes!

While I realize that, unless you have lived as a Native, either on or off the rez, you will never completely understand what it is to be Native. I think that Debra has a pretty good handle on who and what we as Native people are really about. And, thankfully, she did not rely on just my voice alone. The resulting story is one I am proud to say I was a part of, and I am proud to call her my "Sister By Choice".

Hecetu welo, mitakuye oyapi.
I have spoken, it is so. I am finished.

Mitakuye oyasin, all my relations.
Julie Spotted Eagle Horse Martineau    



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Winner of FaithWriter's Gold Seal of Approval - Outstanding Read, Books&Authors Excellence in Literature, AllBooksReview's Editor's Choice Award 2010 and Book&Authors Best Non-Fiction 2010.

Best Seller on Amazon

It would be easy to accept this book as 'another adoption story', that is until you read it. From the first words the reader is caught up in the account, enthralled by not just the tale but the telling of it. Ms. Shiveley Welch's talent reveals the journey to love, her decision to adopt instead of giving birth, her new and wonderful child and most of all her earnest desire and steadfast belief that everything would come to pass.

Son of My Soul - The Adoption of Christopher is not just about the joys of motherhood, but is also a self-help book about breaking the circle of child abuse. The author considers her childhood as 'boot camp' and uses the lessons learned from her own abuse to help her beloved son through many surgeries and therapies to correct cleft lip as the and palate.

A percentage of all royalties go to Operation Smile.   



Born with cleft lip and palate, Christopher waited for six days until an adoptive family was found for him.  Finally placed in the loving arms of his joyous parents, he now faced a new challenged: multiple surgeries.


Read in his own words his memories of growing up with a deformity, his fight to overcome several learning differences, his delight in being adopted, and his incredible love for the lake on which he was raised.


Just Chris is more than just a book.  It is a journey through a young man?s memories of growing up and being simply, and beautifully...


Just Chris



 Winner of FaithWriter's Gold Seal of Approval - Outstanding Read

Best Seller on Amazon and Amazon Japan

In this warm and tender story, Debra Shiveley Welch lovingly tells of  the Lord giving attributes to a yet unborn child while in the womb of a frightened, young girl.  God takes some sweetness from the Cherubs, sweet music from the birds, laughter from the dolphins, and wraps them in love from the mother, placing it all carefully into the spirit of the unborn babe. A beautiful gift of life waiting to be unwrapped and cherished and placed in the arms of a loving mother and father.  In this special  keepsake edition, a collection of essays and poems are also included.   


Well Done, Christopher!


There are times when a book will capture your heart; it can happen in many ways, but each time it is fresh and new. This is the case as I read this delightful work by 13-year-old Christopher Welch as scribed by his mother, Debra Welch. Christopher has learning differences but this has not quenched the fire of life within this special young man, nor his desire to share adventures of his life with others. We begin this read with a poem, a simple one, yet one whose words say volumes because they shine forth with the love of one young boy for his lake and the activity that awaits him there.  Shirley Johnson - MidWest Book Review, Senior Reviewer


Nine-year-old Christopher decides that he wants a pet parrot for his birthday. In this charming tale, Christopher and his mother learn how to properly take care of a pet bird.

Complete with full color graphics, "Christopher Meets Buddy" will soon become one of your child's and your favorite books.


In their novel Jesus Gandhi Oma Mae Adams, co-authors and cousins Debra Shiveley Welch and Linda Lee Greene explore the dark depths of the human soul in a thrilling murder mystery mixing supernatural elements and intriguing suspense, spiced with history, romance, and unpredictable twists and turns.


Oma Mae Adams, an African American Televangelist whose philanthropic works endear her to the world, and is beloved by many.  Gunned down in front of the television station where she tapes her popular religious program, her shocking death leaves a bereft world with two questions:  who killed Oma Mae Adams --- and why?


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